Fit & Sizing Guide

Fit and Sizing Guide

1. Remove any items attached to the waist of your pants or clipped to your pant belt

2. Loosen and lengthen the belt and suspender adjustment straps of the backpack

3. Secure the backpack waist belt snugly high on waist and tighten the belt until snug

4. Adjust the height of the belt up or down on your hips until comfortable

5. Adjust the suspenders on your shoulders so the inside of the yoke is approximately 4 inches

below the base of your neck

6. Have an assistant tighten the rear suspender until slightly tensioned.

7. Use the bar slide buckle to secure the slack in the rear suspender webbing

8. Pull the front suspender straps until tight

9. Move the sternum strap up or down the suspender to find the most comfortable position.

(The pack may have to be removed temporarily to move the strap)

10. Adjust sternum strap to hold the front of the suspenders in the optimal position. Ensure

the suspenders will not rub the armpit area when working.

11.Push down on the belt or place weight in the bag

12. Check fit of the suspenders. Optimal fit will distribute weight between the yoke, top of

suspender and front of the suspenders evenly

13. When the backpack is fully weighted distribution can be accomplished by tensioning or

loosening the side compression straps or front suspenders

14. Move aggressively simulating your normal work movements and recheck the fit